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President Obama signs "Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act", July 22, 2014

Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund Advanced Manufacturing Grant

The Board offers technical assistance to local companies that are interested in applying to the States Workforce Training Fund. Currently the State offers matching grants up to one million dollars to companies that compete for grants to train their workers. For more information or to apply on line visit the Commonwealth Corporation website at

The North Central and the Central Mass Workforce Boards partnered with community colleges, vocational technical high schools and community partners to develop and expand training that prepares workers for jobs in manufacturing throughout Worcester County. The Commonwealth Corporation, on behalf of the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, awarded the NCMWIB $400,000 to train 60 customers.

Mount Wachusett Community College has developed a Manufacturing Career Preparation Certificate that includes industry fundamentals like blue print reading, measurement tools, quality systems, mechanical assessment, OSHA safety and more.

Mass MEP Advanced CNC Program Graduation: March 7, 2014


The Manufacturing Extension Partnership MMEP program is training students in Advanced CNC Occupation training. The training includes extensive hands-on training at Worcester Technical High School and WPI.

Mount Wachusett Community College students are trained in courses that prepare them for entry level jobs in advanced manufacturing. The industry continues to offer opportunities for skilled technicians and manufacturing worker without a four year degree.

Of the 54 enrolled students 53 have completed the training and 23 are currently employed.

The next training: March 24, 2014

Mount Wachusett Community College Advanced Manufacturing Graduation: August 29, 2013

“I was laid off March 2009. At the time of enrollment I had exhausted all my unemployment insurance benefits and had been unsuccessful in my job search. This program not only gave me the opportunity to be retrained in skills that are needed by manufacturers within a reasonable commute from my home, but it also restored my self-confidence.”

These students completed 180 hours of training and received OSHA Safety Certification as well as the National Work Readiness Certificate. Of the eleven students to successfully complete this training seven were successfully employed by September 30th.

Next class starts: January 27, 2014


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